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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 16, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," did the president reveal classified information to the russians? >> a report claiming president trump brought up intel provided by u.s. ally during last week's oval office meetings with top russian officials closed to american media. the administration issuing a strong denial. while the search for new fbi director is under way. >> new images from the deadly jet crash outside of new york city. surveillance camera picking up the moment of it pact. the plane slamming into the ground, creating a fire ball, igniting cars and structures. >> new med ral resical research. who is most at risk for contracting measles abroad and spreading it back here at home. >> things are heating up in insomniac kitchen. we have social media
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studio to show us well, he is going to show us how -- a lot. we're told it involves food prep or something like that. >> something like that. >> tuesday, may 16th. other wise known in case you can't guess, halfway mark on ratings month. it's sweeps, happy sweeps, everybody! >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." it is very good to have you back. >> so great to be back. >> very good to have the naked chef in the house! >> ha-ha. >> so, you are being overshadowed. >> completely. i come back. i am not the most important person here. no. franco just kind of hang out. >> franco welcome. >> nice to see you. >> ha-ha-ha. >> you get the slow clap. >> really glad to have you here. how are you feeling? >> i am happy here. excited to cook this delicious food for you. >> we are looking forward to tasting your delicious food.
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>> i have no idea what he said. it sounded great. >> awesome to have you. >> thank you, guys. >> we'll get to the amaying recipes in a few minutes. >> first, the bombshell report out of washington. president trump accused of sharing classified information with the russians. >> sources tell "the washington post" the president revealed top secret details last week when he met with russia's foreign minister and ambassador. they say the information he allegedly shared came from a u.s. partner through intelligence sharing agreement. >> the intelligence said to focus on islamic state terror threat, about laptop computers on planes. details reportedly considered so sensitive, they have been withheld from u.s. allies. but national security adviser, h.m. mcmaster denying the report. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats, to our two countries including threats to civil aviation. at no time, at no time, were intelligence sources or m
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discussed. >> there are main details to the report by "the washington post" and the white house did not deny all of the details in it. >> right, they have said the prem il premise is not true. democrats and republicans say if it is true this disclosure is deeply disturbing because it could jeopardize sources and relationships with allies. >> quite a bombshell in "the new york times," "washington post," and reuters backing up the story. more throughout the morning. in the meantime, the president is busy in the search for a new fbi director. he says is rapidly moving forward. new standoff with congress could change that. >> white house refusing to elaborate on a tweet, mentioning possible tapes of conversations with the former director. this has some democrats say they will block his replacement if they don't get answers. ax's john than carl has more. >> in the oval office, president trump skds about his search for a new fbi director to replace the fired jim
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> shaking up your staff, mr. president. >> thank you. >> thank you, press. >> moving rapidly. >> that search may be moving rapidly but the white house is defying congressional demand for answers on whether the president has been secretly recording his conversations. late last week, he implied he was. taunting the fired fbi director with a tweet saying, james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. >> if there are tapes, as the president has suggested, he should turn them over immediately. >> reporter: republicans are saying if there are tapes they need to be preserved and turned over. >> can't be cute about tapes. if there are any tapes of this conversation they need to be tornado over. >> if in fact there are such recordings, those recordings will be subpoenaed. >> the white house is refusing to answer any questions on this whatsoever. >> is the white house intending to cooperate with those requests and
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requested in writing. >> i think i made it clear the president has nothing further on that. >> does that mean the president will deny? >> i was very clear. the president would have nothing further on that last week. >> as for the fbi director search, apparently a crowded field. at least eight candidates, including senator john cornan, and congressman, mike rodgers have been interviewed. with more likely to come. leading the interviews, deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein and attorney general jeff sessions. potentially awkward. sessions recused himself. >> recuse himself in the russian investigation should not be in the position? >> i think this is a process running completely as it should. >> rod rosenstein before the senate. all 100 senators are inviting to the briefing. a closed briefing which means we
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to say and confidential briefing. but you can bet he will face tough questions about his role in the firing. as for james comey, associates say he is willing to testify before open session, i talked to the committee, still no word exactly when that will happen. >> jonathan carl, abc news, washington. we also have breaking news about the worldwide ransomware attack. cybersecurity researchers say there are clues linking it to north korea. several firms say earlier versions of the virus share similarities with preef yufs hacking attempts traced to north korea, such as one on sony entertainment. however, the hackers may have copied the code. hundreds of thousand of computers and more than 150 countries have been affected. meanwhile, north korea boasting it lawn. ed a new rocket. the medium long-range device can carry a heavy nuclear warhead and may reach bases in the pacific. u.n. security council unanimously condemned the missile test and warned of sanctions. north korea says it wl
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its tests any time any place. >> aviation officials working to figure out the cause of the deadly jet crash outside of new york city. take a look. the lear jet went down less than a mile from teeterboro airport where it was to land after a flit from philadelphia. the two crew members on board were killed. no one on the ground was injured. and we have surveillance video in the meantime. watch carefully. from a nearby business. showing the plane as it struck the ground, and then exploded. three buildings. 13 cars were damaged. investigators will consider whether strong winds in the area had anything to do with that crash. >> meantime, charlotter bus crashed on i-95 in maryland, injured all 30 people on board. including 26, 8th grade students on a field trip from philadelphia to washington, d.c. marking a national police week event. police say the crash was caused by the driver of a car who lost control. while trying to pass the bus and then clipped it. sent it into an embankm
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occupants on to the side. >> she thought she was dreaming. because, prior to that, she was, she was napping. so -- i guess when the bus began to flip she heard screaming and stuff. thought it a dream. >> fortunately, coming to the rescue were three bus loads of police cadets who just happened to be nearby. eight people remain opt liesed this morning. including a student and teacher both in critical condition. the driver of the car, may end up facing charges. >> the president's youngest son will be switching schools this fall. the first lady announced 11-year-old baron will be attending saint andrew's episcopal school in maryland, 20 miles west of the white house. baron and his mother stayed in new york after his in august ration to finish the current school year. >> a seattle father the latest in a greg movement across the country to combat so-called school lunch shaming. >> jeffrey lu launch aid gofundme to pay off the school lunch debt for
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a child in the seattle public school system. >> his goal was $21,000 to pay for every district family with unpaid lunch bills. as of this morning he raised more than $23,000. >> awesome. >> in some cases, kids are forced to wear stamps, stickers or wristband that mark them as having unpaid lunch debt. a problem across the country. >> we are seeing more and more movements like this. campaigns to try to, alleviate the shaming and alleviate financial pressure on these fac families schools picking up the slack all. calling up, the new technology headed to the airport. >> how a scan of the shape of your face, will be the next way to check in, your luggage. >> huh. >> will it speed up the process? >> and kendis is back. more importantly, he brought a friend. franko noriega, voted world's sexiest chef. >> wonder why? >> he doesn't wear a whole lot of clothes. prob
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you are looking at the second spacex launch in two week with the heaviest payload the company put into orbit. lifted off from kennedy space center in florida. communications satellite carried will handle mobile communications. >> how cool. beautiful launch it was. >> can you hear me now? >> i can hear you. starting this summer, your face may be your baggage claim check. >> huh. >> yeah, delta air lines checking self-service bag drop machines at minneapolis airport. one will use facial recognition to match customers with their
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carrier says self-service bag drops could process twice as many customers per hour as existing systems. try not to gain weight between when you check in and when you fry to get your bag. they may not recognize you. >> noted. >> looking at the moneymaker. >> moneymaker. awe thought will be your key to checking a bag. >> try not to go to belize and gain 20 pound. in a weekend. >> all right. >> shifting gears now, police in ohio are warning of the dangers of opioids after an officer nearly died just from touching a drug. officer chris green was searching a car for drugs when he got wide powder on his shirt. he used his hand to brush the powder off. an hour later he was unconscious. police say the power was fentanyl, five times as strong as heroin. took four doses of narcan to revive the officer now recovering. >> more than half american adults who should get vaccinated
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against measles before traveling abroad don't diet. cdc recommend vaccine for adults over 60 who lack documented measles infection or vaccination record. nearly half of the eligible travelers say, they dibt get the vaccine because they weren't worried about getting the disease or kidded it unnecessary. >> for those under 40, another study suggesting you may not need to have those routine cholesterol screenings. researchers writing in the internal medicine, recommend more targ teted approach. screening those under 40 who have a major risk factor, high blood pressure, smoking or, family history of heart disease. >> all right, coming up in the next >> finale of "dancing with the stars." >> heating up insomniac kitchen with franco
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is it hot in here? >> it is hot for sure. >> you have something really sexy, wonderful, fantastic. >> tasty. >> super statasty. >> it is about the food, kendis. >> it is about the food. >> we'll got to it next. you are watching "world news now." even those that cause stomach bugs. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. you knmegared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support.
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♪ >> it is not as fun as a one man dance party. let me tell you. he is a proven model, restaurant owner, heating up the food industry with interesting cooking style might say. talking about franco noriega, a look behind the man behind the apron. >> let's be honest, does it really matter that you can't hear what former model franco noriega is saying right now. ♪ oh yeah ♪ oh yeah >> i didn't think so. the 27-year-old former hugo boss and calvin klein model hoping you will pay attention to him beyond his six-pack abs. okay, they're eight pack abs. becoming a viral sensation after posting this video of him making something. appearing on plenty of talk shows.
3:19 am
into two peruvian restaurants in lower manhattan. >> they all want to touch you. so basically been able to parlay this whole body, this whole image, face into, into this. >> into this. which is, you know, a very healthy way of cooking and if you, you know, because we are what we eat. if you eat healthy you will look great. >> that's the key. what are we going to make here? >> this is -- >> montalitto. >> almost got it. awe thought means like. >> when you mount something on top of something else. >> look toppings. >> exactly. >> so this is, favorite appetizer. people love it. look a latin version. because you know we have, a tostone as a base. >> what is it? >> fried plantain basically. one of the most, latin things you can do. great thing about this, we do it on, you know,
3:20 am
with avocado. and we have it with the chicken option. coming out of rotisserie. so very, very simple. >> first, we are going to go and pour some of the rocotta sauce as a base. want to try it? >> just taste it. >> really, really spicy. man a little. >> okay. totally tasted it the people are saying this is key for me to taste something. >> it is really good. >> great. >> promise you love it. little spicy. good. >> great. >> go with a base. >> okay. for the vegetarian one. avocado slices. >> okay. speed it up. >> great. >> so do a couple of those. >> this is how uh you get the abyooz have aa abs you have. >> eating really healthy. super foods. >> what are you doing? >> you are doing the next segle. >> he is
3:21 am
this looks delicious, franco. >> there is food. >> i look to share. >> me too. >> don't you look to share. >> you were saying, mounted -- >> putting some of the pickled onions on top of this. this will really make the whole thing, flavor much rounded. >> uh-huh. >> little bit on the other one also. >> you top it with, pickled watermelon. one of my favorite things. >> it looks delicious. >> pickled watermelon. >> looks great. >> that's it, guys. we have here. >> vegetarian option. >> vj teegetarian. rotisserie chicken. >> taste for one. vegetarian option. >> you can taste it. >> vegetarian option. >> i mean, if it is healthy. comes from, a very handsome man. >> put it in your mouth! >> open your mouth. >> taste it!
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block. >> you said you made it yourself. >> yeah. >> well, then great. >> go, go, go! >> "the mix" is next.
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all right, we are back with "the mix." and, franco has some how lost his apron. ha-ha. >> welcome back to the final edition of "world news now" on this tuesday. stow we decided, we wanted to prove that anything, franco can be sexy doing anything. so, we picked out, we found one, dictionary. franco reads the dictionary. >> ready. >> go for it. >> isotone. one of two or more atoms who nuceli have the same number of neutrons, but different number of protons. >> isotone. >> never been so interested in protons. >> who
3:26 am
who knew? >> we're going to leave you to look up a few more word for us. >> see if you can make those sexy. >> great. >> should you not find your shirt. you need new clothing. we have a new option for you. a new kick starter now. aimed at making rompers a fashion for men. you want to know what they're called? >> what are they called? >> instead of rompers, a romphim. >> tailored shirt. adjustable waist. >> would you wear that? >> maybe, i have to try it. >> retail price $119. >> hey. >> fantastic. great, great thing. >> so, there is a new study apparently that says before you break up with your boyfriend, you should take a nap. this is according to scientists. they say this, a study says they looked into how sleep deprivation, your happiness and romantic relationship. key, all saying we are all
3:27 am
with our relationships. and 70 newlywed, couples, and complete the survey, they describe how much sleep affected how much they were in love. >> when we're tired we're cranky. when we're cranky, we think it is the other person's fault. >> true. >> how you doing, franco? >> doing great. >> wonderful. >> okay? >> great. >> i went from you shirtless, man in the romper. back to shirtless. this is anthony pagan in myrtle beach. deciding during a hailstorm. shirtless. turns into a giant slip and slide. the video has 510,000 views. >> he is not -- >> exactly. >> would you slip and slide in the streets? >> i would definitely, i love to be naked in the rain, you know? >> sure. >> nev
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this morning on "world news now" -- the search for answers. as more questions emerge about the russians and whether or not the president revealed top secret intel to them inside the white house >> new images from the deadly passenger jet crash. eyewitnesses are describing a hellish scene as the the plane exploded spreading fiery wreckage across the scene. >> new this half-hour, new questions being raised in the wake of a deadly police shooting in connecticut. >> why these images are casting new doubt on how police say the 15-year-old boy was killed and what his family is now saying. >> we're done to the final three on "dancing with the stars" after an emotional night and shocking elimination. full details in "the skinny" on


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